Covenant SE Collection

With the original TACCIA Covenant™, we set out to protect your words. With its sheathed body, we embodied a timeless concept into an elegant writing instrument. The new TACCIA Covenant SE™ builds on the original concept with a few key enhancements. The body has been streamlined and internally re-structured, allowing for more comfort and wear. Our cap system has been strengthened with a new inner sheath that provides a secure, airtight seal. And our nib system has been upgraded, allowing for more writing stroke options.

All of this builds on the popular foundation of the original TACCIA Covenant™ – a writing instrument both sensible and sturdy, made with sleek lines and hand-turned resin. The Covenant SE is only available in a fountain pen style, with Japanese stainless-steel nibs in five points (EF, F, M, B and MS). A 14-karat gold Japanese nib upgrade is available in six point sizes (EF, F, MF, M, B and MS).

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