Tech-Weave Collection

Old world, meet new. Nature, meet technology. Leather, meet metal.


In a world of constant innovation, we are proud to announce our latest ball-point line—
the TACCIA Tech-Weave™ Collection.


Throughout our brand’s history, TACCIA has pioneered material design and
experimentation, and the Tech-Weave™ is no different. The mechanism of the Tech-
Weave™ is anchored with premium German mechanisms and Japanese gel ink refills.
On top of this we’ve used the latest metallurgy techniques to apply Chrome and a
premium Rose Gold finish. And to quite literally wrap this up, we sourced the most
supple lambskin leather we could find, wrapped up in a tight weave for smooth
comfort and writing grip.


The TACCIA Tech-Weave™ will be available at fine boutiques worldwide.

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