Reserve Polar Lights LE Collection

One of Earth’s most spectacular natural phenomena, Polar Lights occur when the Sun’s solar wind reacts with Earth’s magnetic field, resulting in a magical display of glowing, sparkling strands of light in our sky. Predominantly seen in the colder, higher-latitude regions of the world, even images of these lights draw wonder. We drew on these beautiful lights for inspiration to produce the TACCIA Polar Lights LE. Challenging our designers and maki-e artisans to craft a fountain pen was no easy task – the mysterious cerulean blue base is one of the most difficult urushi colors to produce. Each raden maki-e line is hand-inlaid underneath several coats of urushi lacquer, then buffed to visibility. And finally, multiple layers of ki-urushi is applied and polished many times until each Polar Lights LE is complete. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, each Polar Lights LE pen is fitted with a 14-karat gold Japanese nib, available in six point sizes.

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