Reserve Snow Flurry LE Collection

TACCIA’s Snow Flurry LE hearkens to the middle of winter, inspired by vast chunks of snowflakes drifting through a dark night. As temperatures change, each snowflake’s density and texture can follow. We designed each individual Snow Flurry LE to personify the ever-changing night, swept around by windy elements.

Each Snow Flurry LE piece is handcrafted by a TACCIA maki-e artist. Starting with a raw ebonite foundation, every piece goes through several precise molding and polishing rounds to produce a barrel fit for overlay. Various shades of quail eggshells are then inlaid on top of the barrel, and sealed with expertly coated urushi. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, each Snow Flurry LE pen is fitted with a 14-karat gold Japanese nib, available in six point sizes.

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