Serpent LE Collection

Throughout antiquity, the serpent has been regarded as a sign of cunning, attraction, and seduction. As a temptress, the exotic serpent has been feared and respected by all.

The TACCIA Serpent Collection pays homage to this powerful symbol with a Limited Edition line.

To build this piece, our artists molded its barrel from a block of raw ebonite, coated in a protective lacquer. A full-relief, sterling silver snake was crafted, wrapping itself around the entire fountain pen, posed in a ready-to-strike stance. Additional layers of white gold and 18K gold are overlaid, with Australian gemstones set in the Serpent’s eyes to add a dramatic flair.

Stylized characters, representing the different ancient forms of the serpent, are carefully hand-painted, adding literary weight to each piece. Embellished metal fasteners securely bond the artwork to the ebonite body, each capped with precision-cut Swarovski crystal for a truly captivating luxury touch.

The TACCIA Serpent Collection is available in fountain pen, with 18K gold and 18K rhodium plated nibs in Fine and Medium. Limited to 25 pieces each style worldwide.

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