Tanto LE Collection

The pen is mightier than the sword.”


TACCIA proudly introduces the Tanto™ (短刀) LE Collection, in honor of the Japanese samurai who served as men of royalty, dignity, righteousness, diligence, along with justice and noble responsibility.


A “tanto” is a traditional Japanese short sword used by samurai as a self-defense, close-combat weapon. As Japanese swords evolved, the tanto grew to become a charm for protection against evil and misfortune.


The Tanto is hand-polished from an ebonite barrel and coated with fine Japanese Urushi lacquer. Beautifully fitted with a sting ray leather cap, sterling silver sword pin ornament and Japanese 14-karat gold with rhodium plated two-tone nib. Pen stand included.


Available in Moonlit Black and Crimson Red, the Tanto fountain pen is limited to

100 pieces world-wide. Subject to availability.


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