Tanto Shirasaya(白鞘) LE Wood(discontinued) Collection

“Tanto” is a traditional Japanese short sword used by samurai as a self-defense, close-combat weapon. As Japanese swords evolved, the tanto grew to become a charm for protection against evil and misfortune.


In ancient Japanese Samurai culture, the Tanto blade was often housed in both a ceremonial and a protectant housing. The Shirasaya(白鞘) wooden scabbard, made of Magnolia wood, was the actual housing used to store and treat the metal of the blade, protecting it from moisture, and thus corrosion, due to the lacquer and chemicals in its decorative mount.


The Taccia Tanto Shirasaya(白鞘) LE is made of Magnolia wood, and is handcrafted with a clear lacquer, providing for a protective outer coating on to its distinctive barrel design. Each barrel cap is embellished with a mekugi(目釘) mark – similar to actual katana sword pin designations.


Tanto Shirasaya(白鞘) LE pens feature an ultra-unique metal neck sleeve – that can be easily screwed onto each barrel grip section – designed as an add-on part for the optional use and desired comfort level of each writer. This collection is limited to 25 pieces worldwide, features a 14K gold Japanese nib and is delivered with a pen stand.


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