The Horizon LE Collection

Each TACCIA collection strives to push the boundaries of what a writing instrument can really be. From our innovative designs to artisan techniques our collections have become renowned for meticulous detail, utility, and elegance. The TACCIA Horizon™ Limited Edition Collection, celebrates individual scenes from nature. Each color and pattern was inspired by the colors of the world around us, from summer days to autumn leaves and winter sunsets.


Starting with an ebonite core, each TACCIA Horizon™ LE goes through weeks of painstakingly hand-lacquered Urushi. As coats are re-applied and buffed over several weeks, each fountain pen gradually reaches its final form, as a writing instrument worthy of museum display alongside other traditional Japanese lacquerware.To encourage regular use (post cap on the barrel), we have also included an additional replaceable post. The TACCIA Horizon LE™ comes with a Japanese-made 18-karat gold nib, available in Extra Fine, Medium Fine, Medium and Broad. Limited to 50 pieces per scene.

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