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Spotlight Fountain Pen


With the TACCIA Spotlight™, we wanted to show the whole world the beauty of a pen on not just the outside, but the inside as well. To do so we laid bare our craftsmanship and engineering prowess, exposing everything for all to admire.

Each TACCIA Spotlight™ is crafted from premium hand-turned resin. Every solid acrylic rod is individually selected to ensure not just transparency, but a quality of material that gives a feel and weight for writing luxury and comfort. Both the exterior and interior are then polished and inspected by hand to ensure maximum clarity and strength – this is a pen that you need to hold and use to fully appreciate.

We then fitted the TACCIA Spotlight™ with our custom Japanese nibs, available in both stainless steel and 14-karat gold, to ensure that each TACCIA Spotlight™ has a writing experience that is second to none. While most demonstrator pens are made from injection-molded plastic, ours truly has that luxury feel common across the full TACCIA line.

The TACCIA Spotlight™ is available in Forest Eye, Highlighter Vision, Pure Clear, and Airline Blue. Nib widths are available in EF, F, M, B, and Music for stainless steel and EF, F, MF, M, B and Music for 14K versions.