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Ukiyoe Ink Version 2

Ukiyoe InkUkiyoe Ink

For our Ukiyo-e ink 1st version dealt with Hokusai (Hokusai Katsushika) who had left the masterpiece of Ukiyo-e art for landscape and Sharaku (Sharaku Toshusai) who had painted many famous Ukiyo-e art for stage actor, our 2nd version has been released for another two great Ukiyo-e painters, Hiroshige and Utamaro.

Hiroshige (Hiroshige Utagawa) has drawn many arts in the motif of flower, bird, vegetation, insect etc. Utamaro (Utamaro Kitagawa) has specialized in the art of "beautiful women". This time, we recreated the colors which they used to use for their arts and utilized their masterpiece works for the packages of our inks.